Sixteen Good Illustration Essay Topics That Will Catch Your Reader's Attention

So you have to write an illustration essay for your task from! Well, be happy about that, because illustration essays are the easiest types of essays to write.

We all know how to do something that we can explain, step by step, to our reader, right/ Well, that’s what illustration essays do—they illustrate how to do something complex that, perhaps, no one else knows how to do or something that you can teach someone how to do.

Good things to think on are any interests you have that you have a lot of enthusiasm for. If you are enthusiastic about your topic, this will shine through to your reader.

Are you an excellent cook, for example, and you could teach your reader how to prepare, say, something complex, that you could lengthen out to four or five pages—perhaps a complex pasta dish? A fancy, molded cookie? You want to pick something complex enough that the steps and ingredients are extensive.

Another good area to consider are arts and crafts. You do not necessarily want to pick something that you cannot easily describe—like how to knit a scarf—because that would require pictures describing the stitches.

The Perfect topic for An Illustration Essay

Let me tell you about the best illustration paper I ever wrote. When I was in college, we were assigned this paper topic—except my teacher called it a “How To” essay. We were to teach our reader how to do something we knew how to do well, so I picked egg art, a very complex Christmas ornament art that I could really explain with vivid details. It ended up being six pages long instead of four but it was really outstanding.

Here are some other ideas for Illustration Essays

  1. How to Build a Simple Website—It’s Easier than You Think
  2. How To Make Ornaments out of Blown Out Eggs
  3. How to Build Your Own Tree house
  4. How to Organize Your Room in Feng Shui
  5. How to Make Your Own Bed Headboard that’s Amazing
  6. How to Refurnish an Old Dresser (Or chair, or antique)
  7. How to Repaint Your Room Like a Professional
  8. How to Paint Decorations onto Your Walls
  9. How to Use Mood Lighting to Reinvigorate Your House
  10. How to Plant a Herb Garden
  11. How to Design a Vegetarian Dish that Taste’s Fantastic
  12. How to Make Eggplant Parmesean
  13. How to Make Spaghetti Bolognese
  14. How to Make Your Own Petit Fours
  15. How to Make a Five Layer torte
  16. How to Babysit Like a Pro