Comprehensive term paper writing guidelines

Writing term paper is obligatory in most education institutions. It is important to note that term paper count for a significant part of your final grade. While this is the reality in many institutions, very few students have access to formal comprehensive term paper writing guidelines.

Getting started

How do you get started? Read the question carefully so that you understand what is required of you and that you may deliver a paper that will fulfill the assigned task. If you do not understand the question, ask your tutors to explain everything to you.

Selecting a topic

Sit down and put your thoughts together when choosing a topic. The topic should meet two basic things. One, it should interests you and two, it should fulfill the paper assignment. Moreover, the topic should fit the required word count and the research resources available to you.

Carrying out research

A good research forms the foundation of your work. As a thumb rule, use up to date resources that are credible. This is the only way to make your paper stronger and appeal to the reader. Use the keywords and concepts from the topic to search for materials from Google scholarly articles and journals, books and journals. Be creative and narrow down to few sources.

Reviewing research resources

Make sure you get credible sources. You must then start reviewing the sources you got from the library, scholarly journal articles, government publications and news paper. Jot down the bibliographic information and also write down ideas relating to your topic from every source.

Organizing the paper

Organize your notes so that you can start writing. As a rule, there are three major organization issues to consider.

  • Outline - it is your paper layout that depict how organized you are in terms of expressing your ideas and writing a great summary for your conclusion.
  • Parts – this include the introduction, the body and the conclusion.
  • Approach – use a set of factors to have a great approach. E.g. theoretical approach

Writing the paper

Start writing the paper from the draft and the organized ideas. Ensure clarity. Ensure you write and organize the paragraphs in a way that is coherent.

Citation and references

A good paper is written from credible sources. These sources must be cited. Failure to cite the work result to plagiarism which is not acceptable. Wrong citation will also attract penalty from your tutor.

Presenting the paper

After type-writing your paper, it is time to make physical presentation. Print your work from a good printer. Ensure you have all the pages intact including the references pages.