12 Offbeat Research Paper Topics in English Literature

If you’re anything like most students around the globe, then you probably don’t like having to come up with research paper topics in English literature to write on. The process can be time-consuming and it can simply be too difficult to narrow down generic ideas stemming from a brainstorming section to something interesting and original. The following are some excellent world literature research paper topics for your consideration:

  1. How do modern American authors such as Jasper Fforde write alternative versions of classical literature using modern mystery tropes and situations? How do peers view these works?
  2. It has been said that young adult authors like J.K. Rowling and Lemony Snickett are changing the way literature is written because of the growing possibility of film deals. Is this accurate?
  3. Are Shakespearean dramas commentaries on Elizabethan England or are they more in line with people perceive about society today? Use specific examples to support your claims.
  4. Should modern day literary writers be at the mercy of today’s technology infused youth? What if your writing success depended on what others thought of you? Do you like the vulnerability?
  5. Would Shakespeare be considered a literary master today? How would modern literature writers perceive their new contemporary drama writer living in a strange time?
  6. How do religious themes affect modern day fantasy stories? What about the influence it did have in the early fantasy works from somebody like J.R.R Tolkien? How did the writing change?
  7. Imagine a famous American literary writer from the early 20th century. How would he or she perceive today’s America in the 21st century? What would they criticize in their writings?
  8. What major factors determine the popularity of a modern novel or short story? Is it’s marketability as a potential film or television series that drives its social/financial success?
  9. How do emotions affect the way authors write towards certain audience segments? Is it true they can be transported and convinced to look from the author’s perspective willingly?
  10. How were the two brothers in Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner similar and dissimilar to one another? How does this affect the way we perceive these characters?
  11. Would a modern day version of an ancient Greek tragedy perform well for modern day readers? How would other ancient forms (heroic poems for instance) do with today’s readers?
  12. When did adult erotica get so popular and how were some forms able to cross genres and become popular fiction and even successful modern day films?

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